Rotterdam, 4 February 2021  VSTEP Simulation has signed a contract with Western Iowa Tech Community College for the delivery of the Response Simulator solution and an Industrial Content package. The delivery will enable the college to extend their safety training and unlock comprehensive training possibilities. 

RS Industrial Content

Western Iowa Tech Community College (WITCC) is a college that offers high-quality practical training programs in occupational health and safety (OSHA). Their programs aim to promote safety awareness in the workplace and help organizations prevent the risk of incidents. Using the Response Simulator solution, the college will be able to provide safety workers with enhanced knowledge and skills for identifying hazards and responding to dangerous scenarios.

Upon the delivery of the software, Brent Jarvis – Corporate Trainer at WITCC was extremely happy with the capabilities that Response Simulator provides:

“We are constantly amazed at the power of the RS software and the ease of its use for creating in-depth scenarios. WITCC initially purchased the software to create HAZMAT disaster scenarios with the goal of providing Incident Command training to our clients.

Since our initial purchase, WITCC has realized the potential to expand the software’s use to several different departments within WITCC such as our Fire Science, EMS, and Police Science programs. We have even investigated using the software to test trainees on their conflict management skills. At WITCC, we are very satisfied with the RS software and we are continually finding new ways to use it in ways that we had never imagined.” 

Virtual training is continuing to gain traction and adoption across thoccupational health & safety domain. Platforms such as Response Simulator enable more effective learning at a far lower cost compared to traditional training methods. It provides safety workers with real-world experience without real-world risksWith the software’s flexibility, it can adapt to the training needs of different industries, from HazMat, Industrial, EMSMaritime, Aviation to Firefighting. Utilizing the capabilities of the Response Simulator platform, WITCC can leverage their educational program and help promote a safer workplace for their clients. 


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