Rotterdam, 14 December 2021 – The latest release of NAUTIS 3 Maritime Simulator is now available. The update provides a good set of improvements and bug fixes.

Our NAUTIS roadmap for this year has been strongly driven by the work in the inland market. We wanted to ensure that our inland customers would have everything they need to pass the CBR audit and become CESNI compliant. Although this software release is hugely influenced by Inland, we implemented new functionalities, features, vessels and environments to make every single one of our customers’ experiences more realistic. On top of it, the Team did an excellent job fixing software bugs to facilitate smooth and interactive training of NAUTIS users.” 

—  Elisa Romero  

Product Development Director  

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New Features

Our Product Development Team went above and beyond to release new features in NAUTIS 3.8 for more comprehensive and powerful training. One of them is fuel consumption 

Fuel consumption: Used to calculate and display the fuel consumption rate for the trainee ship while sailing. 

  • Engine load from main and auxiliary engines are used to calculate the fuel consumption rate. 
  • Consumption is calculated based on the speed and acceleration of the vessel, engine RPMs and hull resistance.  
  • Initial fuel levels to be set by the Instructor. 
  • Fuel consumption rate and available fuel level added to the conning panel. 
  • The fuel consumption system is part of NAUTIS Base. However, the customization per vessel is to be purchased separately by Customer upon request.  

Another highly requested feature that is included in this release is data extraction visualizer 

Data extraction visualizer: For facilitating data analysis as part of the simulation debriefing, a new application has been developed to visualize simulation data after an exercise.   

  • CSV file obtained from data extraction tool can be used to visualize data. 
  • External application where different variables can be displayed over simulation time in a graphical manner.  
  • Possibility to customize visualization as per user requirement. 


Besides releasing new features, we added some resources to make small improvements to the NAUTIS user interface. For example, in Select Object Window UI: 

  • Removed ‘Info base translated name’ in the Object info section.  
  • Added a preview image of vessel in the object info window. 
  • Draught information added. 
  • Aligned ‘behavior’ buttons to the left. 

 On the Inland side, we added some new panels to NAUTIS 3.8. One of them is the mast and wheelhouse height panel. 


One of the highlights of this release is work that has been done on the content side. We extended our content library with the following vessels: 

Ghent barge 

HS Laskos missile boat 

Beautje (Rijn Hernkanaal Ship) 

We also added new environments, such as:  

Vlieland and Terschelling to Leeuwarden

Den Helder to Urk and Harlingen 

Rotterdam to IJmuiden  

Bug Fixes

We did invest time in improving the stability of the software. We fixed around 20 bugs that improve the quality of NAUTIS base in general and its external applications. Want to see a more comprehensive report with screenshots and elaborate explanations? Click here 

VSTEP’s Commitment

NAUTIS simulators are one of the most advanced maritime simulators available in the market and VSTEP team is always committed to developing the most efficient, innovative and user-friendly maritime simulators, which are not only compliant to industry standards but can also be adapted to comply with local rules and regulations.


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