A tugboat or tug is a marine vessel that manoeuvres other vessels by pushing or pulling them, with direct contact or a tow line. These boats typically tug ships that cannot move well on their own, such as those in crowded harbours or narrow canals, or those that cannot move at all, such as barges, disabled ships, log rafts, or oil platforms. Some are ocean-going, some are icebreakers or salvage tugs. Early models had steam engines, and modern ones have diesel engines. Many have deluge guns, which help in firefighting, especially in harbours.

From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tugboat

Element Value
Name Argentino
Type Tug
Length (m) 24.6
Breadth (m) 7.6
Draught (m) 3,4
Speed (kts) 15
Displacement (T) 276
Propulsion Conv. FPP (2x)
Bollard Pull (T) 42
Base Module No
Standard 5 Module Trainee
Standard 10 Module Trainee
Tug Module Trainee
Inland Module Trainee
Naval Module No
Fishing Module No
Marin Module No
Offshore Module No