Coastal trading vessels, also known as coasters or skoots, are shallow-hulled ships used for trade between locations on the same island or continent. Their shallow hulls mean that they can get through reefs where deeper-hulled seagoing ships usually cannot. Coasters can load and unload cargo in shallow ports.


Element Value
Name Combistar
Type Coaster
Length (m) 87,5
Breadth (m) 11,3
Draught (m) 3,9
Speed (kts) 11,2
Displacement (T) 3.070
Propulsion Conv. FPP (1x)
Bollard Pull (T)
Base Module No
Standard 5 Module Trainee
Standard 10 Module Trainee
Tug Module No
Inland Module Target
Naval Module No
Fishing Module No
Marin Module No
Offshore Module No