NAUTIS Simulators are DNV-GL accredited integrated simulator solutions satisfying the latest IMO requirements. Our simulators are developed using the latest technological advances. The software at the heart of each NAUTIS simulator is optimised to deliver a realistic, true to life simulator experience.


NAUTIS has been designed on the following principles:

  • Efficient – train large numbers of trainees simultaneously
  • Affordable – accessible for any size of budget
  • Flexible – easily adaptable to specific training needs
  • Quality – highest level of graphical detail and realism
  • Compatible – standard interface to connect to external equipment
  • Ease of use – user-friendly set of instructor tools


The NAUTIS Tug Simulators allow captains to experience and train the handling of tugs with different propulsion systems. The simulator includes an easy to use set of instructor tools to prepare and control manoeuvring exercises, multi-tug operations and ship manoeuvring parameters. The simulator provides a compact yet natural look and feel for realistic tug training.

The NAUTIS Tug simulation software provides the outside view, including a series of ports and vessels and a ship dynamics model suitable for the precise manoeuvring characteristics of modern azimuth stern drive (ASD) tugs in close proximity to a cargo vessel. Vertical LCD flatpanels can be used for the outside view to provide the same viewing angles as from inside a real tug. Also, special effects like the repulsion force of the cargo vessel’s bow wave and the suction effect caused by the propeller wash are part of NAUTIS ship dynamics system, a need for realistic tug training.

VSTEP offers integrated simulator solutions combining the NAUTIS Tug Simulator software with different hardware configurations to suit your budget in accordance with your training and certification requirements.

Tug Simulator Configurations

  • NAUTIS Desktop Tug Simulator – a portable and affordable solution for Tug/OSV handling & manoeuvring training.

  • NAUTIS Full Mission Tug Simulator – an advanced solution for realistic virtual tug training on board of an actual Tug/OSV ship bridge replica.