Rotterdam, 21 August 2018 – Pohang Marine Science High School in South Korea has recently upgraded their NAUTIS setups and will soon be able to train on the Navigation module. The new module will enable further virtual training in a realistic environment, without the dangers, costs and time associated with traditional training methods.

NAUTIS fishing vessel

The upgraded NAUTIS desktop setups are an effective addition to Pohang Marine High School’s training strategy, since they seek to provide the best possible training methods to their students. The DNV-GL certified simulator will provide many benefits to the students and enable high quality maritime training. Besides being easily adaptable to specific training needs, NAUTIS stands out for its ease of use, affordability and compatibility with external equipment.

Pohang Marine Science High School previously received full mission bridge to train students on our new Fishing module. Users are able to engage in various aspects of searching, catching and handling of fish, while at the same time familiarizing with vessel manoeuvring. The module is compatible with all NAUTIS setups, meaning that fishing simulator training can be done on NAUTIS simulators ranging from our new portable setups up to full mission bridge configurations.

“The additional module is highly welcomed by Pohang Marine Science High School,” mentioned Mr. Hun-Gi Lee, General Manager at SRC. “The modules have their own special features and user-friendly operations in the training courses. For example, in the case of trawlers, the amount of captured fish is automatically counted and recorded in real-time, so the instructor can evaluate the student’s objectivity and the student will be able to maximize their objective evaluation and academic efficiency.”

“The new upgrade is a wonderful sign that Pohang Marine Science High School continues to see the true value of our simulators. The new desktop simulators will allow even more high quality training for Pohang HS’s future class of seafarers. I see a bright future ahead for the next generation of maritime training in Korea,” explains Evelina Chen, Account Manager at VSTEP.


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