Rotterdam, September 17th, 2020 – Response Simulator and INTER Forward Solutions – two leading companies in innovative solutions are excited to announce a strategic partnership to maximise training potential in a (CCTV) Control Room. The new alliance will provide safety and security professionals with immersive learning possibilities and preparedness in an efficient manner.


INTER’s Control Room solution is at the heart of a critical organisational process, providing video surveillance, fire control, and access control for safety and security operators. Based on the complete and accurate information and communication tools, operators can make the right decisions faster and more efficiently idangerous situations where seconds count. INTER’s partnership with the virtual training platform Response Simulator will allow users to better identify unexpected and complex situations before these situations happen in real life. After conducting training in the virtual worldoperators will be able to enhance their skills and carry out their daily work with more confidence. Using Response Simulator, operators can train for:

  • Enhancing situational awareness
  • Developing emergency decision making (EDM)
  • Building a common operational picture
  • Command and control coordination
  • And more…

Response Simulator’s user-friendly and immersive virtual training platform combined with INTER’s optimised security solution will benefit customers of both companies and set high training standards for personnel of safety and security organisations. The result of this strategic partnership is a powerful joint solution that maximises users’ training capabilities and brings these key benefits:

  • Operators improve their response to various unexpected scenarios
  • New control room operators will become fully operational much quicker
  • Establish high quality and consistency in behavioural safety procedures and competency evaluation

The solution will be available via our partner INTERperfectly compatible with all existing INTER workstations. By connecting Response Simulator to the network of the existing hardware, users will be able to switch from live control view to virtual training in no time.

From left to right: Robbert van Rooij – Managing Director at INTER; Kars Marcelis – Sales & Marketing Manager at INTER; Tije Vos – Business Development Director at VSTEP Simulation and Fabian van den Berg – Chief Executive Officer at VSTEP Simulation

Kars Marcelis – Sales and Marketing Manager at INTER spoke about the partnership:

In our opinion, it is essential to train operators in all possible critical situations in order to optimize the working process. With the Response Simulator Software added to our portfolio, it is possible to re-enact every critical situation to train your operators for every possible outcome. Your operators will be ready to make the right decision every time.”

Tije Vos, Business Development Director at VSTEP Simulation said:

“Response Simulator’s expertise proves to be extremely valuable for INTER’s current and future customers. This partnership aligns with our core strategy to make virtual training accessible for everyone. We are looking forward to providing our mutual customers with greater insights to make more informed decisions in risky scenarios.” 

Curious? Learn more about the partnership:


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