Rotterdam, 19 October 2021  At the beginning of October we released the newest version of Response Simulator 1.7. The release brings several major items that will further enhance the training experience of our users. 

“We are very happy to announce the release of RS 1.7 – This new version contains a range of new features and content that are focused on improving the capability in the domain of Hazmat.  This release also includes several fixes to further improve usability and stability.” – Ben Borrie – Product Manager at VSTEP.

New Features

One of the features in this release is a new Hazard area object. This item enables oval shaped hazard areas with the emission point at the ovals edge so that wind direction and dissipation can be simulated. This provides an even more immersive training for RS users. 

New feature: New Hazard Area Object

RS 1.7 also comes with a Labels feature. This will allow putting an optional text label that would float above the object and help users easily navigate during the training session.  

New feature: Labels

We also expanded trainee inventory by adding a new, upgraded gas detector and dosimeterGas detection is fundamental to emergency response, and it requires knowledge and skills using specific tools. Multi-gas detectors are tools for serving the majority of first responders’ gas detection needs. 

New feature: Gas detector

New Content

RS version 1.7 includes impressive new content objects such as variations of men and women characters, and diverse hazmat characters. Particular items are added specifically to enhance realistic multi-gas detection training – updated gas meter, updated radiation meter, decontamination bin, hazardous bin, level B and C hazmat characters and many more.  


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