Rotterdam, July 7th 2021SDIS 33 (Fire & Rescue Service 33 in Bordeaux, France) has recently signed a contract with VSTEP Simulation for the delivery of two Response Simulator stations and two extension set-ups together with its vast maritime, aviation, and industrial content packages. With the RS solution, the firefighters in Bordeaux can train for various crisis situations and ultimately, enhance the safety of the area.

RS Wildfire

SDIS 33 is an autonomous public department that operates in Gironde and is the fourth largest fire department in France. With its mission to protect people and prevent disasters, SDIS 33 continuously advance their emergency response education with the most cutting-edge technology. As a part of this effort, the department has built a new facility especially for simulation training and e-learning, which the RS solution has been placed in. One of the unique points that became a deciding factor in choosing RS was the solution’s powerful maritime capabilities and the in-development module for Wildfire Training.

Response Simulator Vessel Fire

In May, our team visited the fire department to deliver a training course designed to help familiarize themselves with the software. Upon the visit, the firefighters at SDIS 33 were energetic and excited to learn and operate RS. They adapted quickly to the tools in RS and built realistic land-based scenarios to start with. They also offer their expertise and skill to help us tailor the future development of RS with their training objectives.

“It was an honour to onboard SDIS 33 as a new Response Simulator user. We look forward to a collaborative and fruitful relationship with SDIS 33 and seeing them achieve their training goals using RS!” – says Alexios Limnios, Business Developer at VSTEP.


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