July 1st, 2021 Last week marked the official release of Response Simulator version 1.6. This release brings a significant and varied range of new content, along with several new features and improvements.  Most significantly, this release includes a major engine upgrade giving RS a more modern product platform, enabling us to develop exciting new features.

“This release brings a significant and varied range of new content, along with a several useful new features and improvements. Most significantly, the engine upgrade gives us a more modern product platform on which to build future versions of RS.” – Ben Borrie – Product Manager at VSTEP talked about the release.

Engine Upgrade

Engine Upgrade improves the software graphics

The aforementioned engine upgrade provides a new lighting model giving a greater sense of visual detail and realism, thus providing a more immersive experience for RS users.

New features

Object categorisation

Object Categorisation

A key improvement is the Object List having capability to group objects by placing them into folders, in order to better structure a scenario.

New Triage Parameters

A new water tank system for vehicles with a water tank allows tank capacity and flow rate to be simulated, allowing users to learn to manage their resources efficiently.

The improved triage system in version 1.6 is now equipped with new parameters for assessing the patient condition, allowing trainees to further examine extent of injuries. This feature is a key example of our close engagement with users who suggested this improvement and worked with us to ensure it was implemented optimally.

Path nodes can now be set or offset to a specific altitude (e.g. for aircraft), making the creation of scenarios containing airborne objects less time-consuming.

Path system now contains options to place nodes at a constant altitude

New Content

RS 1.6 contains a significant content update, including: Several new European buildings, German and Swiss characters and vehicles, a football stadium, an underground car park, animals and more. The Industrial, Maritime and Aviation module all contain significant content upgrades.

New Buildings

German content

New German characters and vehicles

New Swiss characters and vehicles

New animals in RS 1.6


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